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Deskins, N Aaron

Faculty Advisor

Faber, Brenton

Faculty Advisor

Rao, Pratap M.


This study proposes a technology acceptance model (TAM) to identify how users come to accept and use solar technologies in the United States. With the solar industry growing and installation prices decreasing, photovoltaic technologies can soon contend with legacy sources such as fossil fuels. Achieving effective implementation requires a systematic strategy suitable to American cultural and political contexts. Accordingly, through a literature review and three case studies, a model was proposed and validated empirically through a survey. Based on the survey, users most notably valued system quality and system lifetime and found attributes such as aesthetic and public advocate to be of neutral importance. It is recommended that a more comprehensive survey be administered in the future.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

April 2018



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Major Qualifying Project



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Chemical Engineering

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Humanities and Arts

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Mechanical Engineering