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Munson, Maryann

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Scarlata, Suzanne Frances

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Vidali, Luis


The process of intracellular membrane fusion relies on several protein families, each playing multiple roles in assisting vesicle docking and SNARE assembly. Exocyst, a hetero-octameric protein complex, is proposed to tether vesicles to the plasma membrane and promote specific SNARE-mediated membrane fusion. Currently, the exocytic subunit Sec6 is proposed to bind both binary and ternary SNARE complexes during SNARE complex assembly. The timing in which Sec1, another SNARE regulator, binds to the ternary SNARE complex and the exocyst to mediate membrane fusion is unknown. Here, a summary is presented of the known interactions between two exocytic SNARE proteins and Sec1 with a single subunit of exocyst, Sec6.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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