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Smith, Gillian Margaret

Faculty Advisor

Ault, Holly Keyes

Faculty Advisor

Gennert, Michael A.


The WPI Robot Mascot MQP is designing and building a robot goat to be a companion mascot to Gompei. Robotics is a signature program of WPI, and this MQP seeks to further represent the iconic robotics work done by students and faculty. It would be impossible in one MQP to develop a mascot robot that reflects the impressive robotics achievements at WPI. This preliminary MQP involved design and prototyping work for 5-DoF head and neck assembly. This includes work on the mechanical, electrical, and software systems of the robot, as well as the initial requirements and project planning done in collaboration with various stakeholders at WPI. Future MQP teams will further develop the robot, and it will serve as a continuously evolving platform to showcase the traditions and experiences at WPI.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Mechanical Engineering

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Major Qualifying Project



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Computer Science

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Mechanical Engineering