Faculty Advisor

Golding, Dominic

Faculty Advisor

Samson, M. David


Glass has been a favored architectural medium of modern times. Growing concern for the environment and a subsequent embracement of greener building habits has encouraged greater use of glass both as a light source and an insulator, among other applications. Rising interest in glass has evoked technological developments in glass and glass products aimed at an increasingly green contemporary society. This paper presents a methodological theory for developing a solar cell-containing glass block which can be interlocked with other identical units to form a power-generating wall, floor or barrier in a given structure. This paper explores historical developments in industrial design and architecture after 1890 and applies these findings to the development of the glass block design.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

April 2012



Project Type

Major Qualifying Project



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Interdisciplinary Programs

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Humanities and Arts

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