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Acme Hosiery Mills, Inc., manufacturers of ladies' seamless hosiery, Asheboro, North Carolina; Acme-McCrary Hosiery Mills; What makes this plant picture so effective? Accuracy of perspective in the overall "point of view" or "plan" of the drawing...precision in the rendering of each architectural detail...make Woodbury Plant Drawings truly effective. We are eager to show you how your own building or buildings can be illustrated by a Woodbury Plant Drawing. Especially if your building is large - and spread over a big area - a drawing would be the best way to show your facilities in a manner which would suggest strongly your size and prestige. The original drawing would be large and suitable for framing - and you would find the photographic copies impressive for reproduction in advertising materials - booklets - public relations items - newspaper releases and on your letterhead. For ideas for a Woodbury Plant Drawing - just initial this sample - attach to your letterhead - and return to me., Woodbury and Company, Inc., Worcester 5, Massachusetts; Letterhead contains image of Acme-McCrary hosiery mills complex


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