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Bridgeport Brass Company, Bridgeport, Connecticut; Dear Sir: On January 22d, 1910, the sales department of thie company will be moved from New York to Bridgeport, where all correspondence should be addressed in the future. A new office building has been provided in which will be located the general offices of the company. The centralizing of all departments at Bridgeport will make it possible to serve its customers better and more promptly than in the past, and we know you will appreciate improved service. A branch office will be retained at the old address in New York (cor. Broadway and Murray St., Postal Telegraph Building). You are cordially invited to call there whenever you are in New York, and also to come to the main office at Bridgeport, where the services of practical men in the development of mechanical matters are at your disposal. Thaning you for your patronage in the past and soliciting your continued favors, we remain, Very truly yours, Bridgeport Brass Company, January 20th, 1910.; Letterhead contains image of main manufacturing plant and image of Union branch of manufacturing plant


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Brass industry and trade, Bridgeport (Conn.), Connecticut, New England, Letterheads