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Caddell Dry Dock and Repair Co., Inc., five dry docks and shipyards, 1500 to 3500 tons capacity, Foot of Broadway, West New Brighton, Staten Island, N.Y. 10310, telephones 212 GIbralter 2-2112-2113 . 2123-4354-4379; saw mill, machine, boiler, electric and blacksmith shop, acetylene and electric welding, sandblasting and coatings; organized 1903; Letoy W. Caddell, chairman of the board, John B. Caddell II, president, Ralph P. Merrill, Jr., vice president; this letterhead design and produced by Woodbury and Company, Inc., Worcester, Mass. 01605; Letterhead contains image of Cadwell Dry Dock and Repair Co., with text


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Shipyards, Drydocks, Ships -- Maintenance and repair, Staten Island (N.Y.), New York (State), Letterheads