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Commercial Storage Incorporated, McElwain Ave., Cohoes, N.Y.; Frank B. Graves, president; Walter J.Mooney, vice president; N.Y.C. and H.R.R. siding, lowest insurance rates, negotiable receipts; Commercial Storage Co.,; Chas. A. Van Wormer, secretary; Thomas S. Scanlon, treasurer; Photogravure letterheading, printed by the Woodbury photogravure process; This is a special development of photogravure giving the finest illustrations ever printed on writing paper - printing at one impression the illustration and the engraved lettering. The clearness, strength and refinement of this work make illustrations of building or trade mark on letterheadings practicable and valuable; Woodbury and Company incorporated, Worcester, Mass. Isn't this a demonstration that a picture like this adds to the individual character of the heading?; Letterhead contains image of Commercial Storage Co. building


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Letterheads, Storage facilities, Cohoes (N.Y.), New York (State)