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The D.E. Whiton Machine Company, Manufacturers of Centering Machines, Lathe and Drill Chucks and Gear Cutting Machines, New London, Conn., USA; Established 1856; Incoporated 1886; Cable Address Whiton New London, Lieber's and A.B.C. Codes; What impression do you receive when someone solicits your business on a cheap heading? It is the same sort of anatagonism that you feel when approached by a salesman obviously careless of his appearance. You may avoid all risk of creating such an impression-- in fact you will create a positive attraction and good will in the minds of your prospects and customers by using a real letterhead. Woodbury and Co., Inc., Worcester, Mass.; Letterhead contains image of the D.E. Whiton factory complex, with text


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Letterheads, Machinery, Machine-tool industry, Factories, New London (Conn.), Connecticut, New England