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E.B. and A.C. Whiting Company, Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A.; Brush Fibers Horse Hair, manufacturers and importers; Thomas A. Unsworth, pres. and treas.; Solid Stock, cut to length ready for brush; Taper Stock, mixtures of all kinds for white wash, paints, etc.; A Photogravure Letterhead, Woodbury; Wins Attention, Gains Respect, Holds Confidence; an efficient - dependable represenative always boosting, it is a real salesman; Woodbury annd Company, Inc., Chadwick Square, Worcester, Mass.; Letterhead contains an image of tied sheaves of brush fibers and cut taper stock in round, packaged bundles


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Letterheads, Paintbrushes, Brooms and brushes, Burlington (Vt.), Vermont, New England