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The Elm City Nursery Company, Woodmount Nurseries, Inc., New Haven, Connecticut; Ernest F. Coe, president; W.W. McCartney, gen. mgr.; Walter E. Campbell, secy. and treas.; Robt. B. Faxon, director landscape dept.; Originators of Box-Barberry Ibolium-Privet; Near Yale Bowl; Established 1876; Incorporated 1901; capital stock $200,000.00; Members of American, New England and Connecticut Association of Nuserymen; Landscape Dept.; Formal garden bordered with box-barberry; Letterhead contains image of two people sitting at the edge of a pool in a formal, landscaped garden


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Letterheads, Landscaping industry, Nurseries (Horticulture), New Haven (Conn), Connecticut, New England