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Father John's Medicine; Established 1855; prepared by Carleton and Hovey Company; laboratory and offices: 73-93 Market Street, Lowell, Mass. U.S.A.; Address all communications to the firm not to individuals; cable address Father John - Lowell, W.U. Tel. Code; What impression do you receive when someone solicits your business on a cheap heading? It is the same sort of anantagonism that you feel when approached y a salesman obviously careless of his appearance. You may avoid all risk of creating such an impression -- in fact you will create a positive attraction and good will in the minds of your prospects and customers by using a real letterhead. Woodbury and Co., Inc. Worcester, Mass.; Letterhead contains a portrait of Father John and an image of the Father John's Medicine laboratory building and annex


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Letterheads, Tonics (Medicinal preparations), Patent medicines, Office buildings, Lowell (Mass.), Massachusetts, New England