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The Fidelity Trust Company of Buffalo, Buffalo, N.Y.; Capital $1,000,000.00; Surplus $1,000,000.00; Clifford Hubbell, president; Harry T. Ramsdell, vice president; Thomas B. Lockwood, vice president; Lewis G. Harriman, vice president; Merle H. Denison, secretary; Lloyd P. Wiliams, treasurer; Walter L. Curtiss, asst. secretary; George B. Macphail, asst. secretary; Federick J. Federlein, asst. treas.; Samuel G. Easterbrook, trust officer; Thomas Cantwell, asst. trust officer; Harley F. Drollinger, mgr. new business dept.; A Erwin Rankin, asst. secretary; Richard S. Graham, asst. secretary; Albert E.J. Krauss, asst. secretary; Joseph E. Bright, asst. secretary; Edward W. Miller, auditor; Photogravure Letterheading, printed by Woodbury Phoogravure Process; this is a special development of photogravure giving the finest illustrations ever printed on writing paper -- printing at one impression the illustration and the engraved lettering. The clearness, strength and refinement of this work make illustrations of building or trade mark on letterheadings, practicable and valuable. Woodbury and Company Incorporated, Worcester, Mass.; Letterhead contains image of multistoried Fidelity Trust Company building


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Letterheads, Banks and banking, Bank buildings, Buffalo (N.Y.), New York (State)