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Frank Schoble and Co. incorporated: makers of exclusive headwear for men, Philadelphia, U.S.A.; New York, 1107 Broadway; Chicago, Palmer House; Cable address andquot;Schoblecandquot;, Philadelphia. Crests: Four X nutria, Schoble, Philadelphia, U.S.A.; Superfine, Schoble, Philadelphia, U.S.A.; Re-pel-et fabric, Schoble, Philadelphia, U.S.A.; Hand made, Schoble, Philadelphia, U.S.A.; Hand made, Super-flex straws; Hand made, Bonar-Phelps, New York, U.S.A.; "Best under the sun"; Fine fur felt hats; Hand-made straws; Hand-tailored caps; Address all correspondence to the company; Logo consists of image of factory and 6 images of crests


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Hats, Headgear, Fur, Philadelphia (Penn.), Pennsylvania, Letterheads, Factories