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The Genesee National Bank; Peter Engelhardt, president; Charles K. Ernst, vice president; Frank M. Schardt, vice president and cashier; F.F. Bachmann, assistant cashier; Francis E. Kerwin, general counsel; Frank J. Rung, chairman of the board; Buffalo, New York; Directors, Martin Coyne, Dr. Val.A. Decot, Peter Engelhardt, Charles K. Ernst, Frank J. Haas, Francis E. Kerwin, Edward O. Winegar, Edward S. Rapin; Directors, Frank X. Meyer, Stanislaus Monczynski, Dr. Leon H. Prior, Frank J. Rung, Frank M. Schardt, Peter J. Schmitt, Aloysius G. Stegmeier; Letterhead contains image of Genesee National Bank building


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Letterheads, Banks and banking, Bank buildings, Buffalo (N.Y.), New York (State)