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Globe Malleable Iron and Steel Co.; Makers of Strictly High Grade Malleable Iron Castings, Grey Iron Castings, Drop Forgings; Excellence and Strength; Syracuse, N.Y.; W.C. Lipe, president; Alex T. Brown, vice president; E.H. Hungerford, secretary; H.H. Elmer, gen. mgr. and treas.; directors W.C. Lipe, Alex T. Brown, H.H. Elmer, F.H. Gates, H.W. Chapin, Fred R. Peck, Judge W.S. Farmer, E.H. Hungerford, John L. Humbert; member of the National Trades Association; Quotations are for prompt acceptance onlyu. Agreements, orders and contracts are subject to strikes, accidents and causes beyond our control; member of National Founders' Association; Logo consists of a globe showing the American continents; sitting on the globe is an eagle with spread wings; the lower half of the globe is surrounded by a laurel wreath; on each side of the globe is a smoking torch; the torches are joined by a twisting banner containing text Excellence and strength; at bottom of letterhead are two badge shaped crests containing text Member of the National Metal Trades Association and Member of National Founders' Association


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Letterheads, Metal-work, Ironwork, Forging, Syracuse (N.Y.), New York (State)