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Greenfield Tap and Die Corporation; Wells Brothers Company Division; Wiley and Russell Mfg. Co. Division; A.J. Smart Mfg. Company Division; Screw Cutting Tools and Machinery, Gages and Reamers; main office and factories Greenfield, Massachusetts, United States of America; trade marks: GTD, Little Giant, Lightning, Green River, Smart; Wood working factory, floor soace 243543 square feet; New York, 28 Warren St.; Philadelphia, 972 Drexel Bldg.; Chicago, 13 So. Clinton St.; Detroit, 55-57-59 Wayne St.; Frank O. Wells, president, Frederick H. Payne, vice president; Leon M. Lamb, treasurer; address G.T.D. Greenfield, Mass.; Letterhead contains images of the Wiley and Russell Mfg. Company division complex, the Wells Brothers Company division complex and smaller images of the A.J. Smart Mfg. Company factory and a wood working factory; letterhead also contains logo consisting of text GTD enclosed by two connected, inverted triangles, underneath is text Little giant, lightning, green river, smart in varying typescripts


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Letterheads, Factories, Machinery industry, Tool and die industry, Greenfield (Mass.), Massachusetts, New England