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American Institute of Baking, 1135 Fullerton Avenue, Chicago; H.E. Barnard, Ph.D., President; Board of directors J.M. Livingston, Chairman, Lewis F. Bolser, Vice chairman, M. Lee Marchall, Treasurer, George E. Dean, Secretary, Rep. B.E.M.A., H.A. Lockwood, Rep. A.T.B.I., Walter Stern, Rep. M.N.F., B.B. Grenell, Rep. N.A.B.S.H., Alton H. Hathaway, L.A. Schillinger, L.J. Schumaker, S.S. Watters, Gordon Smith; Advisory Board, National Research Council Dr. W.D. Bancroft, Cr. G.H.A. Clowes, Dr. L.J. Henderson, Dr. E.V. McCollum, Dr. L.B. Mendel, Dr. C.E. Mendenhall, Dr. John R. Murlin, Dr. S.C. Prescott, Dr, Alonzo E. Taylor; Letterhead contains image of an ornate arched doorway


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Baked products and industry, Food industry and trade, American Institute of Baking, Chicago (Ill.), Illinois, Letterheads