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H.H. Barton and Sons Co.; Established 1876; Incorporated 1895; Originators of Garnet as an Abrasive; Holmesburg, Philadelphia, PA.; Crystal Garnet; Adirondack, Crystal Garnet, Paper, Cloth, Combination; Best American Flint Paper; Electric, H, H, B, Abrasive Cloth; Bartalox Abrasive Paper Cloth Combination; Best Turkish Emery Cloth, Emery Polishing Paper mark; Letterhead contains two logos; the first consists of a round multifaceted garnet gemstone with text crystal garnet at the top of the stone; the second logo consists of letters H, H, B arranged vertically with text Electric, surrounded by linear electricity symbols, at the top and text Abrasive underneath the letter B


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Letterheads, Garnet, Abrasives industry, Philadelphia (Penn.), Pennsylvania