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Hatheway and Reynolds Corporation, Manufacturers of Sweaters and Bathing Suits, Oriskany Falls, N.Y.; directors H.H. Hatheway, E.D. Hatheway, L.W. Hatheway, A.W. Reynolds, W.E. Gould; New York Office: 366 Broadway; New York office now located at the New Knit Goods building, cor. Broadway and Worth Sts.; With half the grit and courage of the Pilgrims, we Will have a Prosperous and Happy New Year;Trade Mark Quality Right; Trade Mark Kon Krete Knit; Tropicoat; High Grade Oris HandR kany Guaranteed; Proved Reputation, Gained Award of Dependability, Adherence to High Standards, Extra quality, Established 1876, Principles at Stake; Letterhead contains an image of a group of Pilgrims, gathered in the winter and 5 images of rectangular labels - (1) Trade mark, QualityRight; (2) Trade mark, a large K to the left of text on, rete, nit; (3) TropicoaT, the beginning and end T is in large, fancy text; (4) Text H [ampersand] R inside a maltese cross which has text Oris to the left and Kany to the right, all inside an flattened ellipse, in upper corners of rectangle is text High, Grade and below ellipse Guaranteed; (5) a circle containing a crest with intertwined, fancy letters H, R, a crown is above the crest and two lions are on each side of the crest, below the crest is a banner with text Extra Quality and below the banner is text Established 1876, at the top of the circle are two American flags separated by a banner containing text Proved reputation gained award of dependability, below circle is a banner containing text Adherence to high standards, at bottom of image is text Principles at stake; this image is multicolored


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Letterheads, Knitwear, Bathing suits, Clothing industry, Oriskany Falls (N.Y.), New York (State)