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Huckins and Temple Company; Shoe Manufacturers; Milford, Mass., U.S.A.; Clement S. Houghton, prest.; Harry Huckins, vice prest.; Willis B. Temple, treas.; cable address andquot;Ioneandquot;; Boston Office 135 Lincoln Street; Nonquit, None Quite so Good, copyrighted; Letterhead contains an image of the front of the Huckins and Temple factory and the back of the Huckins and Temple factory; separating the images is a logo consisting of a young man in formal wear, holding a shoe; fancy script text 'nonquit' is in the foreground; at the bottom of the logo is the text 'none quite so good'


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Letterheads, Factories, Shoes, Footwear industry, Millford (Mass.), Massachusetts, New England