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The Irving Park National Bank; Member of Federal Reserve System; Capital and Surplus $300,000.00; Under Clearing House Supervision; 4201 Irving Park Boulevard, Chicago; Officers: CHarles H. Rioch, president; Murray MacLeod, vice president; Ralph N. Ballou, vice president; John J. Walsh, vice president; P.L. McDonald, cashier; Thomas Klechak, asst. cashier; Directors: Theodore Bacmeister, Ralph N. Ballou, E.T. Carlson, Clyde L. Leesley, Chas O. Loucks, Murray MacLeod, Chas. H. Rioch, Washington D. Smyser, Frank L. Taylor, John J. Walsh, Jonathan E. Waggoner, Leroy F. Washburn, Oliver L. Watson; Letterhead contains an image of the interior of the Irving Park National Bank


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Letterheads, Banks and banking, Bank buildings, Bank interiors, Chicago (Ill.), Illinois