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J. Goebel and Co.; Established 1865; 95 Bedford Street, New York, N.Y.; telephone: walker 7317; cable address: Howdah, New York; Sole Importers of the Only Real Grossalmerode Clay, The Clay All Other Clays are Compared With; Goebel Building; United States Crucible Headquarters; "Everything Used in the Melting Room"; Quotations subject to change without notice, not liable for failure to perform caused by strikes, fire or anything beyond our control. "Having no control over our material after it leaves our posession, we positively do not warrant or guarantee anything we sell. Nor do we assume and liability as to results obtained therewith."; Letterhead contains an image of the Goebel building and a scrollwork crest featuring a smaller crest containing three crucibles; overlaying the scrollwork crest is a large banner containing text J. Goebel and Co., underneath is a smaller banner with text Est. 1865


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Letterheads, Crucible industry, Trading companies, Clay, Office buildings, New York (N.Y.), New York (State)