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The Jefferson County National Bank; Organized 1816; Capital, Surplus and Profits $1,000,000; Watertown, N.Y.; Stuart D. Lansing, chairman of the board; Daniel B. Schuyler, president; G. Seymour Knowlton, vice president; Clarence W. Campbell, vice president; William W. Waddingham, vice president; Charles A. Dunham, cashier; Raymond W. Oakes, assistant cashier; Richard M. McKenzie, assistant cashier; E. Kenneth Hampson, assistant cashier; Wesley E. Dick, assistant cashier; Fred B. Rice, asst. trust officer; Letterhead contains an image of the Jefferson County National Bank building set over a map of Jefferson County, N.Y.


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Letterheads, Banks and banking, Bank buildings, Watertown (N.Y.), New York (State)