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Federal Home Loan Bank System; FSLIC; Member Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp., Your Savings Insured to Legal Limits; Engraving...By Woodbury, Woodbury and Company engraving enhances every kind of letterhead design. Clean, modern corporate symbols - as well as finely detailed illustrations - benefit from the superb quality of engraving. Copper plates, etched and cut by master Woodbury engravers, produce letterheads which are richly embossed. Light, smooth tints are also possible-adding an almost three dimensional appearance. Engraving can be combined with other Woodbury processes for special effects. Engraving is the best. No other process can equal its quality; no other process can add so much to the impact of your business letter. Woodbury and Company, Inc., Worcester, Massachusetts 01605; In the lower left corner is the Federal Home Loan Bank System membership seal; in the lower right corner is the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corp. membership seal on letterhead sheet of Lakeview Savings and Loan Association


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Letterheads, Banks and banking, Bank buildings, Paterson (N.J.), New Jersey