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Lancaster Iron Works Inc.; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Tanks: Acid Storage, Blow Off, Compressed Air Filter, Gasoline Storage, Hydro Pneumatic, Jacketed, Mixing, Molasses Storage, Oil Storage, Pressure Settling Vacuum, Water Softener, Water Storage, Steel Plate Construction; Specialties: Oil Burning, Heat Treating Furnaces, Clay Working Machinery, Castings-Iron and Semi-Steel, Condensers, Digestors, Dredge Pipe, Ys, Gate Valves, Evaporating Pans, Gas and Hydraulic Mains, Hoppers, Riveted Pipe, Rotary Dryers, Stacks and Breechings built and erected, Large Storage Tanks built and erected; W.W. Posey, pres. and gen'l mgr.; A.C. Scully, sec. and treas.; Lancaster Tanks Steel Plate Construction; Plate Shop - Foundry - Machine Shop - Pattern Shop; Letterhead contains an image of the Lancaster Iron Works showing the plate shop, the foundry, the machine shop and the pattern shop


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Letterheads, Factories, Iron foundries, Iron industry and trade, Lancaster (Penn.), Pennsylvania