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Lawyers Mortgage Company, Capital and Surplus $10,000,000; Guaranteed First Mortgages; 184 Montague Street, Brooklyn; telephone: Main 7686; Richard M. Hurd, president; John W. Ahern, vice president; Joseph W. Phair, treasurer; S. Harby Plough, loan officer; C.N. Titterington, auditor; Francis K. Raynor, secretary; H.S. Abbot, asst. secretary; John. V. Lamarche, asst. secretary; Charles H. O'Neill, asst. secretary; M.A. McGreevy, asst. secretary; William F. Stanhope, asst. secretary; Charles D. Wohltjen, asst. secretary; George W. Ahern, asst. loan officer; Cecil C. Evers, first vice president; Peter Hamilton, vice president; S.D. Van Wagner, loan officer; Stanley R. White, loan officer; Charles R. Longstreet, asst. treasurer; Richard P. Kent, asst. secretary; Edmund C. Dempsey, asst. secretary; Andrew C. Kopf, asst. secretary; Clement S. Jacobus, asst. secretary; Leo Netter, asst. loan officer; Herbert Thien, asst. treasurer; George Birch, Jr., asst. treasurer; William C. McKay, asst. secretary; Letterhead contains an image of the front entrance to the Lawyers Mortgage Co. building


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