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Merchants Trust Company; Lawrence, Mass.; H.L. Sherman, president; A.C. Dame, treasurer; W.F. Eastman, asst. treasurer; E.L. Southwick, asst. treasurer; J.H. Rowley, asst. treasurer; William Shiers, auditor; G.E. Kunhardt, chairman executive committee; G.F. Russell, charinman board of directors; F.C. McDuffie, vice president; L.E. Locke, vice president; Member Federal Reserve System; A tastefully designed letterhead composed of a clean, clear-cut illustration and finely engraved lettering will attract favorable attention. Woodbury and Co., Inc., Worcester, Mass.; Makers of illustrated letterheads. Woodbury Photogravure trade mark Process; Logo consists of a seal; within the seal is a small crest containing an image of two factory buildings, seated at the left of the crest is a man, seated at the right of the crest is a woman, both are observing a round object which is on the top of the crest; above the man and woman is a banner containing the text "incorporated", just below the banner is text "1911"; the outer edge of the seal contains the text "Merchants Trust Company Lawrence Mass."


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Letterheads, Banks and banking, Lawrence (Mass.), Massachusetts, New England