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Meyer and Wenthe; Established 1854; Marking Devices; Office and Factory, 24 - 30 South Jefferson Street, Chicago; Rubber, Brass, Steel Stamps and Dies; Wax Seals, Dating and Numbering Stamps, for all purposes, Metal Checks, Branding Irons, Badges, Stencils, Bronze Tablets, Name Plates, License Plates, Key Tags, Stencil Cutting Machines and Supplies; Notarial-Corporation Lodge and Society Seal Presses; Loop Store: 31 North Clark Street; West Side Store: 28 South Jefferson Street; Patentees and Manufacturers of the "Aluminum" Pocket Seal; telephones Monroe 1363 and 1364; Letterhead contains an image of many differet seals, stamps, and badges, in the backround is a plaque with text "from Meyer and (ampersand) Wenthe Chicago" stamped in stencil; to the right is an image of a seal press, to the left is an image of a pocket seal


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Letterheads, Rubber stamps, Marking devices industry, Chicago (Ill.), Illinois