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The National Bank of Commerce of Detroit; Richard P. Joy, president; Wm. P. Hamilton, vice president; Henry H. Sanger, vice president; Charles R. Talbot, vice president; Sam'l R. Kingston, vice pres. and cashier; Harry S. Covington, vice president; Chas. N. Maycock, vice president; O.L. Hatt, vice president; L.H.D. Baker, vice president; Albert C. Voss, asst. cashier; Robt. C. Wandel, asst. cashier; John W. Johnston, asst. cashier; H.D. Newberry, asst. cashier; Depositary for: United States, County of Wayne, City of Detroit, State of Michigan, Postal Savings Fund; Capital $2,000,000; Surplus: $2,000,000; Letterhead consists of image of front facade of bank building and text


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Letterheads, Banks and bankings, Bank buildings, Detroit (Mich.), Michigan