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Oak Park Trust and Savings Bank; Lake and Marion Streets, Oak Park, Illinois; Officers: H.W. Austin, chairman of the board; Paul E. Zimmermann, president; Ellis H. Denney, vice president; Fred R. Johns, vice president; N. Ganson, vice president; Harold T. Teasdale, vice president; L.A. Clarahan, vice president; V.V. Vale, vice presidentl E.H. Wegener, cashier; Robert F. Witt, secretary and asst. cashier; Herbert M. Gotsch, asst. cashier and asst. secy.; Emil F. Roehlke, asst. cashier and asst. secy.; Directors: H.W. Austin, chairman; A.F. Amling, Thomas E. Roberts, O.C. Doering, Chas. Ward Seabury, Geo. R. Hemingway, F.S. Smith, F.W. Leach, John Lyle Vette, Robert E. Nicholas, Geo. D. Webb, C.S. Pellet, Paul E. Zimmermann; Member Federal Reserve System; Affiliated Member Chicago Clearing House Association; Letterhead consists of image of front and side facades of bank building, and text


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