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Pillar of Fire Incorporated; Religious, Educational, Benevolent; International Church and Missionary Headquarters; Alma College, Zarephath Bible Institute and Zarephath Academy; telephone: Bound Brook 223; R.R. Station: Bound Brook, N.J.; Zarephath, N.J.; Founder and President: Bishop Alma White, A.M.; First Asst. Supt.: Rev. Arthur K. White, A.M.; Second Asst. Supt.: Rev. Ray B. White, A.M.; Treasurer: Rev. Albert L. Wolfram; Publishing Offices of the: "Pillar of Fire", "The Good Citizen", "Pillar of Fire Junior"; Principal Branch Headquarters: Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, Calif.; Cincinnati, Ohio; London, England; Letterhead consists of bird's eye view of church and complex on a river, with text


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Letterheads, Zarephath (N.J.), New Jersey, Religious institutions