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Altlanta Biltmore, the South's supreme hotel, Atlanta, Georgia; John McE. Bowman, president, WIlliam Candler, vice pres. and treas., Wm. C. Royer, vice pres. and mgr., L.O. Langston, secretary; Telephone HEMLOCK 5200, cable address "BILTMORE", ATLANTA; A photogravure letterhead, Woodbury, wins attention, gains respect, holds confidence; an efficient-dependable representative, always boosting; it is a real salesman; sample letterhead from Woodbury and Company, Inc., New York office - 101 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y., E.S. Barber, manager, telephone ASHLAND 8526; Letterhead contains image of aerial view of hotel and a small crest containing the script letters AB set on a backround of leaves


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Hotels -- Georgia -- Atlanta, Atlanta (Ga.), Atlanta Biltmore, Georgia, Letterheads