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The Prudence Company, Inc.; William H. Wheelock, president; William M. Greve, vice chairman; Frank Bailey, chairman; Frank Fox, vice pres.; Francis T. Pender, vice pres.; Harry E. Merriam, vice pres.; Gordon S. Braislin, vice pres.; Henry Hetkin, vice pres.; Eugene Moses, vice pres.; Lynn G. Goodnough, asst. vice pres.; H.L. Simpson, asst. vice pres.; Frederick Joerissen, asst. vice pres.; T.S. Bates, asst. vice pres.; Hugh A. Coulbourn, asst. vice pres.; Philip Connors, asst. vice pres.; J..A. Mutke, secretaryl R.V. Downing, treasurer; W. Allin Bigg, asst. treasurer; Norman C. Lyman, asst. secretary; Warren Hendrickson, asst. secy.; Catherine O. Morgan, asst. secretary; Stephen L. Porter, asst. secretary; T.F. Capen, asst. treasurer; W.F. Deppen, asst. secretary; 8931 - 161st Street, Jamaica, N.Y.; 162 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 331 Madison Ave. at 43rd St., New York, N.Y.; Address Communications to Brooklyn Office; Letterhead consists of image of front and side of building in New York, with text


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Letterheads, New York (N.Y.), New York (State)