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Rhoads and Company; Manufacturers, Mill Agents, Importers, Distributors; Direct to Hospitals, Hotels, Institutions; General Offices: 107-115 North 11th Street, Philadelphia; Blankets, Sheets, Spreads, Towels, Linens, Piece Goods, Hospital Garments, Rubber Sheeting; Branches: New York, Chicago, Boston; Factory: Philadelphia; Mill: Philippi, W.Va.; The Pioneer Institution Supply House, Rhoads and Company, Philadelphia; Letterhead consists of image of ancient city with a figure of "The Colossus" standing over it. holding a torch over his head, text, and a round emblem with Rhoads & Company in the center and "The pioneer institution supply house, Philadelphia" around the outside.


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Letterheads, Philadelphia (Penn.), Bedding, Pennsylvania