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Robert H. Foerderer, Inc.; Leather Manufacturers; Frankford, Philadelphia; Percival E. Foerderer, president; Thos E. Huffington, secretary and treasurer; Highest Prizes Awarded at International Expositions; Chicago 1893; Brussels 1897; Paris 1900; Brussels 1910; cable address: Vici Philadelphia, codes: A.B.C. 4th and 5th Edition, Tanners' Council and Private. Below letterhead: Do you realize that you are being introduced daily to dozens of people in your absence? Is this introduction satisfactory? Does your letterhead tell the real truth about you? Naturally your letterhead should present you in the most attractive manner and should reveal by the refinement and very quality of the workmanship the character of the sender. A well designed letterhead printed from a photogravure plate will represent a company of the highest standards in an appropriate, satisfactory way. Woodbury and Co., Inc., Worcester, Mass.; Makers of illustrated letterheads. Woodbury Photogravure Process; Letterhead consists of image of horshoe with words Robert H. Foerderer Phildadelphia on it, with image of factory complex in center with words "Vici Kid" under complex, with more text


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Letterheads, Factories, Philadelphia (Penn.), Pennsylvania, Woodbury and Co. (Worcester, Mass.)