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Rome Manufacturing Company; Owner and Operator of Rome Locomotive and Machine Works; Copper and Brass Goods; Rome, New York; W.L. Kingsley, president; Barton Haselton, vice president; E.L. Spriggs, vice president and gen. supt.; W.B. Johnson, secy., treas. and gen. mgr.; C.P. Drake, asst. treas. and gen'l sales mgr.; Arthur Whyte, asst. secy.and sales mgr. locomotive dept.; H.E. Smith, purchasing agent; All communications should be addressed to the company and not idividuals; cable address: "Romanufco", Rome, N.Y., Western Union Telegraphic Code; This letter is subject to the terms and conditiond printed on the other side; Letterhead consists of emblem with text


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Letterheads, Rome (N.Y.), New York (State), Locomotive works