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Southern Pine Sales Corporation; Representing: Atlantic Coast Lumber Corp., A.C. Tuxbury Lumber Co., Anderson Lumber Corp., J.F. Prettyman and Sons, Argent Lumber Co.; Montgomery Lumber Co.; Winyah Lumber Co.; Waccamaw Lumber Corp., Garysburg Mfg. Co., Mills Lumber Co., Mauney Lumber Co., J.H. Steedman Lumber Co., Bennett-Walker Lumber Co., Montague Lumber Co., Major and Loomis Co., Tilghman Lumber Co., Jackson Bros. Limber Co., Lightsey Bros.; 1236 Woolworth Bldg., New York; "Our territory is your territory"; North Carolina Pine, Deep Swamp Cypress, and Southern Hardwoods; Charles Hill, general sales mananger; headquarters for North Carolina Pine, The Wood Universal; Letterhead consists of image of map of eastern United States with different kinds of forest trees, with text


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Letterheads, New York (N.Y.), Lumber industry, Wood, New York (State)