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United States Title Guaranty Company; Home Office: Court and Remsen Streets, Brooklyn, N.Y., telephone: 7370 Main; Branch Office: 346 Fulton Street, Jamaica, telephone: 0700 Jamaica; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Charles E. Covert, president; Paul C. Cloyd, vice president; George W. Cummings, vice president; Charles J. Lockitt, vice president; James G. DeBevoise, vice president; Albert Hutton, vice president; Charles H. Puckhaber, secretary; James J. Mulhearn, treasurer; Charles V. Rapelje, asst. secretary; John Browne, asst. secretary; Fred B. Bradley, asst. secretary; George C. White, asst. secretary; Louis W. Reinisch, asst. secretary; Edward H. Green, asst. secretary; Company's Home office building; In replying please refer to title No.; Letterhead consists of image of skyscrapr in Brooklyn, with text


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Letterheads, Brooklyn (N.Y.), New York (State), Title companies