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Utica Knitting Company; Captial Stock $2,500,000; Manufacturers of Hosiery Yarns and Knit Underwear; Utica, N.Y.; William T. Baker, president; Quentin McAdam, v.p., treas., and gen. mgr.; Oscar W. Gridley, v.p. and asst. mgr.; John W. Allis, v.p. and mgr.sales dept.; George W. Oatley, secy. and asst. tres.; Walter D. Jones, auditor; Ralph M. Jones, general superintendent; Treasurer's Office; New York Salesroom: 350 Broadway, Cor.Leonard St., Room 203; Letterhead consists of 3 images of mill complexes, with text


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Letterheads, Factories, Utica (N.Y.), Knit goods industry, Textile factories, New York (State)