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Bertram Goldberg, Inc., dyers and finishers of glove silk and warp knit fabrics, West Clinton St. Ext., Johnstown, N.Y.; Milanese weaving, tricot weaving, dyeing, stretching, tentering, inspecting a packing; TRIZE, B.G. Inc; MIL-EN-EZE, B.G. Inc., silk dyers, B.G. Inc., triangle finished; Letterhead contains 6 small images depicting machinery and steps in manufacturing process; the first two images contain samples of specific weaves; letterhead also contains 3 iterations of company logo - a triangle with text B,G, Inc. in each corner. First logo contains text TRIZE across center; second logo contains text MIL-EN-EZE across center; third and largest logo contains text Silk Dyers in center and text TRIANGLE, FINISHED outside triangle, on either side


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Knit goods industry, Bertram Goldberg, Inc., Silk industry, Textile manufacturers, Johnstown (N.Y.), New York, Letterheads