Series IV, Recognition Awards and Correspondence, holds items related to the awards received by Duane Pearsall, most notably the National Small Businessman of the Year 1976 Award. This series features congratulatory correspondence, Columbine Venture Fund documents, articles related to Pearsall’s awards, and post-mortem honors.


Browse the MS055.04 Recognition, Awards, and Correspondence Collections:

MS055-04-0001 Small Business National Issues Conference

MS055-04-0002 Retirement, Misc. Business Articles (CVF)

MS055-04-0003 Columbine Venture Fund (CVF II)

MS055-04-0004 Columbine Venture Fund II Agreement

MS055-04-0005 CVF E-mail and other Correspondence

MS055-04-0006 Columbine Ventures (CVF 1)

MS055-04-0007 WPI Correspondence, Honors, Fire Safety and Photographs

MS055-04-0007 WPI Correspondence, Honors, Fire Safety and Photographs images

MS055-04-0008 WPI Honorary Doctor of Science Degree

MS055-04-0009 Photographs of Denver Fire Dept and Fire Protection Man of the Year

MS055-04-0009 Society of Fire Protection Engineers Fire Protection Man of the Year

MS055-04-0010 Awards, Small Business Related

MS055-04-0011 Small Business Administration Awards

MS055-04-0012 Misc Recognition and Awards

MS055-04-0013 Correspondence: Congratulations or Appreciation

MS055-04-0014 Letters: Very Special Per Family

MS055-04-0015 Special Letters: Business, Appreciation and Congratulations

MS055-04-0016 Articles and Mentions of Duane Pearsall in Various Business Journals

MS055-04-0017 Post Mortem Honors

MS055-04-0018 Commencement Program University of Denver