The MS055-05 collection contain one publication; Improving Productivity in Colorado State Government .

Seven publications in the Publications collection were not digitized because of copyright and can be found elsewhere.

  • Hearings before the Subcommittee on Antitrust & Monopoly re: Voluntary Standards Accreditation Act of 1977, S.825. (April 18,1977) [Pearsall Testimony pp. 142-165]. [Reuse of record except for individual research requires license from Congressional Information Service, Inc.; url:;view=1up;seq=154]
  • Two handbooks of electric circuits produced by RCA Service Company about Electric Circuits (1960-1961). copyright 1958 Howard W. Sams & Co.
  • 1922 American Society of Heating and Ventilation Guide for Engineers
  • US Department of Labor Safety in Industry, Mechanical and Physical Hazards No. 8, Bulletin No. 256, Static Electricity.
  • Emerson Electric Co (1890-1965): The History of an Industrial Pioneer by William Scott Snead.
  • Report of the Presiding Officer of the Federal Trade Commission: Published Report on Proposed Trade Regulation Rule: Standards & Certification. (June 1983).


Submissions from 1989


Improving Productivity in Colorado State Government, Duane Pearsall and Walter L. Price