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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in Organizational Aesthetics?

Organizational Aesthetics is about how the five senses and artistry inform business, non-profit, and government organizations. We mean for both terms, aesthetics and organizational, to be understood broadly to include a range of topics. Examples are the use of arts-based methods in organizations, theoretical accounts of aesthetic phenomena in organizations such as beautiful (or grotesque) leadership, and the art about/in/behind organizations. In fact, we hope that authors and artists will take us to places we haven’t even begun to describe here. The content of the journal is organized into four sections: Theory, Practice, Art, and Reviews. The theory section provides a space to explore theories which inform and enrich our understanding of the aesthetic aspect of organizing and organizations. The Practice section of Organizational Aesthetics offers a space for accounts of practice at the intersection of art and organization – stories from the field, from inside organizations that offer more of a practitioner focus. For art, this includes works of art that are informed by organizations including poems, short stories, and photo reproductions of works. We are also keen to receive submissions that offer critical commentary on art exhibitions, live performances and other artistic expressions that somehow impact on the way we conceive of the practice of organizing. In the review section, we include reviews of books, responses to previously published articles, and commentary on Organizational Aesthetics-related conferences and gatherings. See also What is Organizational Aesthetics

What are you looking for in an article?

We are looking for new and interesting pieces about the intersection of aesthetics and organizations. The term Organizational Aesthetics lives at the intersection of many theoretical bodies, such as art history, literary criticism, as well as theories associated with art forms such dance, theatre, fine art and craft. We are particularly interested in explorations of the interplay of art and organization. But the bottom line is that you have something interesting to say, some insight that tells us something new about your topic.

Are there limits for how long it can be?

No, there’s no practical limit for how long articles can be, because we publish on line and thus are not constrained by page limits. However, we strive to be concise and readable while still going into depth and most subjects can be covered somewhere in the range of 6K to 10K words. But please feel free to submit longer pieces if you think the length is merited by the subject.

Can we publish audio, video or pictures?

Yes, you can include pictures, videos, and audio.. We would like to take full advantage of the media possibilities that come with being an online journal. We would be happy to work with you to include a wide variety of forms of media. There are guidelines governing the formatting of the final submission. See Final Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for details.

What if I can’t figure out which section my piece goes in?

The content of the journal is organized into four sections: Theory, Practice, Art, and Reviews. We provide basic explanation of these four sections. See Aims & Scopes for details. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us by sending an email directly to the editor-in-chief sst@alum.mit.edu. We also work within the editorial team to place submissions in the section we feel is most appropriate and it Is not unusual for us to consult each other and shift a piece around after it has been submitted. In short, the sections are meant to be general categories and not tight constraints.