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Many scholars discuss how experiences from work are an important source for the construction of the personal identity. In this paper the various contextual dimensions at work that influence identity construction, are discussed. The empirical data consists of interviews with 33 Swedish managers with experiences in bringing arts into business. These, so called artistic interventions, are a growing phenomenon mainly initiated by managers. The findings are twofold: First to identify and describe a typology of five identity-related dimensions in the work context (built on Zambrell, 2004), dimensions that emerge in managers’ expressed experiences, both from work in general and from the artistic intervention. In particular, among these managers a touching dimension emerges, i.e. experiencing honest appreciation and trust at work, which touches the inner self. Second, to discuss artistic interventions as triggers for identity work. Since interventions with arts are non-traditional projects, they challenge the participants’ identity construction, especially the identities of the managers that introduce such different activities. The awareness of identity-related dimensions is important for understanding work experiences and its influence on identity. It is especially important for managers, who may influence the identity-related dimensions through organizing work and shaping its conditions.



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