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Inevitably there are counter beliefs, along with provocative and worthwhile discussions, and rightly so. When bold statements and claims are made that something has value, or is good for us, questions need to be asked. Who is it good for? Who decides? In the case of the arts and humanities can we place the same value on how we experience an art object, a piece of music or theatre, a literary masterpiece, or a particular philosophy? (Carey 2006); and is it possible to claim that there is value in exposing educational leaders to the arts and humanities, to enable them to grapple with moral and ethical issues, when the marketplace model, based on rational choice theory, eliminates moral issues from even being considered (p.195)? This is indeed a big ask and one that is explored in Leading Beautifully: Educational Leadership as Connoisseurship (2016) by authors Fenwick W. English and Lisa Catherine Erich.



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