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Academia Obscura is more than a book. It is a knowledge and publishing project. As the publishing credits explain, this is part of a grassroots crowdfunding initiative. Unbound is a community founded by three writers who “believed there had to be a better deal for both writers and readers. On the Unbound website, authors share the ideas for the books they want to write directly with readers”. If enough support is collected from readers in advance pledges, Unbound will “produce a beautifully bound special subscribers’ edition and distribute a regular edition and ebook whenever the books are sold, in shops and online”. Rather than being hosted within a well-established or even academic (point- or impact-giving) publisher, the Academia Obscura initiative was started with the help of a collective of readers and supporters. Its author has pitched his idea to this community and the individual members have independently decided whether to support this specific book or not.



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