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In the following, you can continue to listen and participate into a crossdisciplinary dia- or polylogue between different voices, and what they stand for, including philosophers, organizational and leadership scholars, practitioners and artists. In the same spirit as it has been alive in the first part, this experimental, polyphonic practice invites you to experience different expressions of ideas, arguments, values and critical responses, and with them also emerging affects and feelings or intuitive musings.

In terms of contents, this conversation will address the status of art and aesthetics in organization and leadership. There will be discussions about critical, utopian, and pragmatic dimensions of art and the transformational potential of a living embodied aesthetics in organization and beyond. One specific focus will be on the inter-connection between leadership and embodied aesthetic processes as professional artistry, the role of envisioning and imagination and interpretations on the art of leadership and performance and critical performativity. In addition to some debates about the potential and actualities of improvisation, a few practical implications and perspectives are outlined.



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