Volume 9, Issue 3 (2020) Performing Performance

Thanks to Lasse Kantola, Artistic Director of Theatrum Olga for the photo of the chair and permission to use it for the cover of this Special Edition.

Theatrum Olga is an integral part of Suomen Diakoniapisto / The Diakonia College of Finland and is situated in the city of Lahti. The innovative programme that Kantola has created is not for training actors, but for Youth and Leisure time Workers, Child Care Instructors and Practical Nurses. Students ages range from 16-65. Some come straight from school, others have education qualifications, but want to study more, and yet others want to change their job, to do other work. Theatrum Olga is a learning laboratory where those attending pick up the things that they think they need to learn about their selves and their work.

Special thanks to Anu Kankare who created the chair as part of the project, ‘Living Paintings: Functional Art History’ in collaboration with Lahti City Museum. The students chose five paintings from those they remembered having encountered in the past, two of which were Vincent Van Goughs Sunflowers and his Self Portrait (1899). Instead of starting from a conventional Art History perspective such as the artist’s style or life, they started to think about the models and objects in the paintings. The point was to find what was not the main point.

Practice Articles


Looking Back on Organizational Theater
Daved Barry

Pages: 85 to 92

Special Topic


Embodied Performative Approaches: When workplace and theatre innovate together for organizational sustainability
Tatiana Chemi, Takaya Kawamura, Anne Pässilä, and Allan Owens

Pages: 1 to 8


“A new space of possibilities”: the Origins of Dacapo Theatre
Tatiana Chemi and Takaya Kawamura

Pages: 9 to 28


Aesthetic Consumption in Managing Art-driven Organizations: An Autoethnographic Inquiry
Bianca C. Araújo, Eduardo Davel, and Ruth Rentschler

Pages: 63 to 84


Allan Owens and Anne Pässilä

Pages: 100 to 110


Tatiana Chemi, Aalborg University

Takaya Kawamura, Osaka City University

Anne Pässilä, Lappeenranta Lahti University of Technology

Allan Owens, University of Chester