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The history detectives who researched the history of mountaineering in the early twentieth century felt a strong kinship with their predecessors. J. Monroe Thorington designed an alpine bookplate by adapting a 1593 bookplate of Christoph Zuppacher. A family crest from the original is replaced by a group of climbers at a bivouac who raise a glass to toast earlier climbers whose names encircle the scene. German antiquaries had unearthed Zuppacher's ex-libris in the 1890s, but Thorington probably came across it in Alfred Steinitzer's Der Alpinismus in Bildern (1913 and 1924). The American Alpine Club Library has a design for Thorington's bookplate dated 1927.

Source: Thorington bookplate is courtesy of Henry S. Hall, Jr., American Alpine Club Library; Zuppacher bookplate is from Alfred Steinitzer, Der alpinismus in bildern (Munich 1913), p. 470, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Thorington, Zuppacher, bookplates, ex libris, Alps